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Red Delicious Apples

Michelob Ultra

Grand Springs Water

24 pack case

Natural Light
15 pack cans

Party Wings

5 lb. bag

12 pack cans

Gourmet Dining Frozen Meals

Pepsi 16.9 oz. 6 pack Bottles

Inter Frozen French Fries

Folgers Classic Roast Coffee
51 oz.

Old Mansion Black Pepper

A -No. 1 Seasoned Flour
5 lb.

House Autry Seafood Batter
5 lb.

House Autry Chicken Batter
5 lb.

Brim’s Pork Rinds
2.6 oz.

Ms. Fearnow’s Brunswick Stew
20 oz.

Assorted Gourmet Candies
Starting at $1.25

Clay’s Candies
6 oz.

Food Club Nacho Cheese Chips
11.5 oz.

JJ’s Asst. Baked Pies
4 oz.

Assorted Bakery Cakes & Pies
Starting at $3.99

Golden Leaf

Leg Quarters

10 lb. Bag

Swaggerty’s Sausage Patties
18 ct.